I am available for consultations the last Thursday of the month at The Maine Botanical Clinic in Portland, Maine.

To Book: Call me at 207-432-2040 or email myself TheGardenSprite@gmail.com or MaineBotanicalClinic@gmail.com.

Learn more about the clinic here: mainebotanicalclinic.weebly.com.

Why Plants?

It seems that in this modern, and often abstracted culture, it is all too easy to become disconnected from many of the elements that are so basic and foundational to our existence. We have co-evolved with a huge diversity of plants/ phytochemistry and require them to survive! Rather than an ‘alternative’ medicine, herbs have been used traditionally forever and were peoples’ first medicine… Nowadays, plant medicine really shines at being the route for preventative health care, truly offering and rooted in a ‘culture of care’ which can complement and support the technological advances of modern medicine in a synergistic way.

Incorporating plant-based rituals into our daily life can help us to have more
joy, mental clarity, energy, longevity, and adaptability to stress.   

What is an Herbal Health Consultation?

Health is something that we often have to be proactive about- incorporating lifestyle rituals, nutritional, & plant-based strategies to achieve optimal well being and it all starts with listening.  As a health practitioner, I will listen to you speak about your health and your story. I ask lots of questions to try to get at the root of things and the deeper underlying patterns and the energetic constitution of a person. The first session is a longer process, beginning with you filling out a couple of forms, maybe keeping a diet journal, and 1 and a half to two hours of meeting together. After our meeting, I will spend some time considering everything we talked about and come up with some lifestyle and tonic recommendations for you. You can either purchase herbs from me or if desired,  I can point you in the right direction about where to purchase (or how to grow!!)


"From the moment I sat down with Cassandra Sears for our herbal consultation, I felt so taken care of by her safe healing presence. She was very thoughtful and thorough in going over my new client form which helped us to arrive at some of the key obstacles and solutions for my lifestyle and wellness. All throughout the session, Cassandra took the time to not only offer me lifestyle suggestions and herbal remedies, but she also educated me on specific terms and systems of medicine (even drawing things out for me in visual form) to help me better understand my whole mind, body, spirit connection. She is a perceptive listener with the ability to integrate lots of moving parts and hone in on the more covert details to find the missing puzzle piece. Cassandra is wise, intuitive, and compassionate.  When our consultation was over, I left feeling empowered and excited. I feel relieved and calm knowing I have a holistic practitioner a phone call or email away who will listen, validate my experience, and help guide me toward balance in all ways. I am very grateful to have Cassandra’s continued support for my physical, mental, and spiritual growth." -Jeanette