The Land Speaks to you.

These gardens are rooted in a deep desire to be in harmony with the landscape. This requires a certain amount of awareness and presence to observe all that is taking place around us. My gardening style reflects this: diversity is strength.  All of these services are coming from a place of deep caring and respect. Everything is organic...and more!


Land Consultation & Assessment

Walk the land together, observing and reading the landscape: identifying beneficial native plants & trees, micro-climates, wildlife habitat, soil, sunshine, wind, neighbors, and more!  Included in this package is helping the client formulate goals for their property, sharing ideas/ possibilities, and a rough-drawn design plan. This process is fun, inspirational, and educational!



Customized Medicine Gardens

Herbal consultation & garden design package-- installation optional, finished product includes a medicine- garden design and a small instruction booklet on how to care for and prepare your medicinal plants.

Kitchen Garden

Work side by side to install a small kitchen garden of veggies, fruits, and culinary herbs —great for kids!!

Simple but elegant garden design. Beautiful and useful edible gardens. Raised beds made of recycled materials. Unlimited educational support offered!


Permaculture Design

This is the option to choose if you want to create a natural oasis on your property that is in harmony with the land.

A more involved and thorough observation, analysis and design of the land and its’ relationships. This is a complete design process that included the initial envisioning and goal-setting followed by deep observation,a land assessment, drafts of the design, and the end result is an accurate map with design plan, and the finally: the implementation!

Organic Garden Maintenance

Happy to maintain your edible landscape gardens on a regular or as- needed basis.


Pollinator Flower Gardens

Do you love to watch bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies? These beautiful little beings-of-flight need food and places of refuge. Be a friend to the pollinators and plant some organic gardens for them! 


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