• Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism, Clinical training program 2014-16
  • Journeyperson program, MOFGA 2012-13
  • Permaculture Design Course 2011
  • MOFGA farm apprenticeship program 2008
  • Master Gardener Course 2008

About Me

Herbal Medicine is a lifelong path which began with me as a small & curious child seeking respite in the natural world. I have always perceived these wild places as inherently beautiful. I am honored and grateful to have found my calling which seems to be connecting to my surroundings and hopefully inspiring the same engagement in others. In a society that often feels deeply fragmented, plants are something we will always have in common. With learning anything, there is always deeper to go- forever-more questions to ask and attention to give, which is wonderfully humbling and allows an opportunity to be present and always contribute my best.

I love the garden because I like to be an active participant in the dynamic synergy that happens in nature—although I probably respect the truly untamed more. The logo I drew for this business project is a wild strawberry, which for me symbolizes that sweet spot between wild and cultivated, the edge, and the place where I believe the most productive change will happen.

I have had the pleasure of being a student of some of the most brilliant teachers- these teachers being the plants themselves, life experiences, and of course, people—most recently, I graduated from the clinical training program at Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism. Since returning home to Maine last year, I have had the pleasure of beginning to see my own clients for herbal-health consultations as well as teaching classes in my local community.  

It seems that I have always been trying to figure out how to spend all my time outside!! In the past 10 years, I have spent much of my time laboring on organic farms, experimenting in home gardens, in the kitchen eating and drinking with friends, preserving food, wildcrafting, making dandelion wine, learning about the weeds I’m pulling on landscaping crews, all the while conspiring ideas surrounding all of these nourishing and absolutely crucial life ways. This is my clever (and slightly more organized) way of creating the freedom to continue doing everything that makes my heart beat strong while encouraging others to do the same.